Coquitlam Maillardville Heritage Trust
'Celebrating the Arts and Our Cultural Heritage'
Maillardville Heritage Square

Maillardville Heritage Square is a celebration of ‘community’, a tribute to Coquitlams milltown past and a legacy to Coquitlam’s evolving future.  It is designed to preserve the city’s heritage and enhance the region’s arts services and programs in a time of accelerated change.  The Square provides the community with invaluable artistic & heritage educational opportunities.

Two facilities anchor the Maillardville Heritage Square, Mackin House and Place des Arts. An outdoor theatre and outdoor museum and the CP Railroad Station make up the remaining sides of the Square.

Maillardville Heritage Square has become a meeting place for the young and old, student and teacher, artist and artisan, visitor and resident with events such as Fair in the Square and Light the Square